Wellness Exams

One of the most important (and under-appreciated!) services we provide is comprehensive physical examinations of your pets.  You may feel that you’re bringing your dog or cat to the office once annually just to get his “shots,” but the amount of information we gather about your pet’s health on the exam table, even before any diagnostics tests are run, is often surprising.  Our years of experience allow us to develop a list of possible trouble spots while your pet is still on the exam table. We use many of our senses, watching, feeling, listening, and even sniffing to help us evaluate your pet’s health status.  At the end of his exam, we discuss our findings and recommend whatever further testing or treatments are advisable, based on the findings of our physical exam.  The importance of these regular exams, especially as your pet ages, cannot be overstated.  It is on these routine examinations that we most often find signs of many disease conditions, from simple ear infections all the way to cancer.