A comprehensive vaccination program is the bedrock of wellness care for our pets.  So many life-threatening diseases can be totally avoided if we are conscientious about appropriately vaccinating our pets throughout their lives, and it is heartbreaking for us to see animals suffering and dying from diseases we know could have easily been prevented.  

Fountain City Animal Hospital follows the American Association of Feline Practitioners’ Feline Vaccination Advisory Panel’s guidelines when making recommendations for your kitten’s first immunizations, as well as for her booster shots as she ages.  We make recommendations for your dog’s vaccinations based on recently published studies and recommendations made by task forces which include representatives from academia, private practices, governmental regulatory bodies, and industry. There is no one-size-fits-all template when making recommendations for your kitten’s or puppy’s first immunizations or for their booster shots as they age.  Some vaccines we used to think needed to be boosted annually, we now know are actually effective for much longer, and sometimes we find that careful monitoring of antibody titers is a more appropriate route than regular vaccination for some patients.  Final decisions about an appropriate level of immunization for each pet is made after careful consideration of age, overall health status, and lifestyle.