Fountain City Animal Hospital provides all basic surgical services for your dog or cat, from their early spay or neuter, to the potential need for any number of unforeseen issues that may arise throughout a pet’s life.  The need for surgical intervention can arise regardless of a pet’s lifestyle - whether he enjoys a life lounging on the family couch or runs riotously in the back yard.

Our surgical suite is equipped with everything we need to keep your pet as safe as possible under anesthesia, including specialized surgical lighting and tables, appropriate warming devices, and state-of-the-art monitoring equipment which allows us to continually evaluate all his vital signs.  Every pet’s anesthetic protocol is individually designed, based on his age, general health status, and pre-anesthetic laboratory evaluation of blood work and urinalysis.

We give thoughtful and careful attention to pain control for every pet, before and after surgery.  Our pets rarely complain about pain, so we recognize our responsibility to be preemptive in our efforts to avoid pain as much as humanly possible for all our patients, using a multi-modal approach to minimize any pain.

If for any reason, we believe that a surgical problem is complicated enough that the patient would be better served in the hands of a board certified veterinary surgeon, we enjoy an excellent relationship with referral centers in the area.