In our effort to make your pet care as convenient and stress-free as possible, Fountain City Animal Hospital keeps a well-stocked pharmacy with virtually all the medications your pet might need, including routine outpatient medications as well as drugs needed for emergency and critical care cases.  If your pet is suffering from an acute problem, being able to pick up his needed medication immediately can be of great benefit.  When medications are dispensed from our pharmacy, you can feel confident that you are receiving appropriate drugs approved for veterinary use, that they are within date, and that there is no chance you might be receiving counterfeit product.  You can be sure that every drug we stock is FDA approved, and you can also rest assured that we will advise you of any special monitoring your pet might need if she is to take a medication for an extended period of time. 

Fountain City Animal Hospital also has access to local compounding pharmacies if your pet has a unique drug requirement, such as taste preference or accurate dosing for the tiniest of our patients.


We appreciate your calling in prescription refill requests at least 24 hours in advance.