In 1979, Dr. Khalsa set out to create a veterinary hospital where every patient and every client would be treated with the kindness and compassion deserved by every living thing.  She wanted her hospital to be a place where the highest level of modern veterinary medicine would be available to her patients, and where she eventually would integrate the best of ancient healing modalities as well. 

She wanted to gather a support staff who shared her vision of excellence, who were willing to cooperate openly and to work hard and go home at the end of the day tired, but deeply satisfied with a job well done, never having to wonder if they should have done something different or something more. 

She hoped for a clientele who shared her vision and would always be willing to do what was in their pets’ best interest, whether it meant completing a solid medical work-up to diagnose and properly treat a complex problem, or visiting a local specialist for more advanced diagnostics or treatment, or even knowing when the battle has been lost and it would be time to say a sad, but necessary goodbye.  She dreamed of being able to follow patients from their very first well puppy or kitten check-ups, through their middle age when they might be subject to all manner of problems, and on into their geriatric years when the most important issue would be to keep them comfortable and continually happy as long as possible.  The physical structure has changed from the tiny building in the heart of Fountain City, but the drive for the best possible small animal veterinary hospital has not.  We will always care.