In order to offer truly full service for your pets’ needs, Fountain City Animal Hospital has a separate area of the hospital dedicated to professional grooming of dogs and cats.  As in every other area of the hospital, the groomers are dedicated to excellent quality service with a gentle touch.  Your dog or cat will always be handled with kindness and sensitivity, and every effort is made to ensure a positive experience for every pet.  

If your pet has developed significant fear from previous experiences away from home, our groomers, with your permission of course, have the option of requesting from the medical staff an appropriate anti-anxiety medication that might make their day at the spa truly more relaxing than it might otherwise be. 

Another advantage of having your pet groomed with us is that when the groomer notices any potential medical problems, such as ear infections or skin problems, she can easily transfer that pet into the hands of the medical staff for treatment or recommendation for a particular medicated shampoo - with your prior permission, of course.