Fountain City Animal Hospital  makes recommendations for your dog's vaccinations based on recently published studies and recommendations made by task forces which include representatives from academia, private practices, governmental regulatory bodies, and industry.   There is no one-size-fits-all template when making recommendations for your puppy's first immunizations or for his booster shots as he ages.  Some vaccines we used to think needed to be boosted annually, we now know are actually effective for much longer, and sometimes we find that careful monitoring of antibody titers is a more appropriate route than regular vaccination for some patients.  Final decisions about what is an appropriate level of immunization for each dog is made after careful consideration of age, overall health status, and lifestyle.  We recommend year round heart worm prevention, recognizing that this disease is endemic in our area. 


Fountain City Animal Hospital avails itself of every possible diagnostic test your ill dog might need, starting with a comprehensive physical examination by skilled experienced doctors.  Appropriate blood tests, whether performed in our own in-house lab or needing to be sent out to various specialty labs around the country, are always offered, along with imaging techniques from in-house digital x-ray and ultrasound to possible CT scans or MRI at referral centers here in Knoxville.  Our hospital care is supervised by both our veterinarians and our licensed veterinary technicians, and we give careful continual attention to all our patients' needs, always remembering that each patient is loved by someone as we love our own.


Fountain City Animal Hospital provides all basic surgical services for your dog, from their early spay or neuter, to the potential need for any number of unforeseen issues that may arise throughout a dog's life, whether he enjoys a life lounging on the family couch or runs riotously in the back yard or on the agility field.  If for any reason, we believe that a surgical problem is complicated enough that the patient would be better served in the hands of a board certified veterinary surgeon, we enjoy an excellent relationship with referral centers in the area.  We use the most up-to-date anesthetic and pain control protocols, along with the best monitoring devices to keep your dogs safe and warm while under anesthesia.


Oral care is arguably the most overlooked area of canine health, but not at Fountain City Animal Hospital.  Regular brushing of your dog's teeth in your home is far and away the best method for avoiding dental disease as your dog ages.  Some commercial dental chews and bones can retard the development of dental plaque and calculus, but others can actually cause problems.  Even if you're using an appropriate dental aid at home, if you're not brushing at least several times a week, your dog will inevitably need regular dental cleanings under full anesthesia.  In addition to routine cleanings, we are equipped to treat even the most advanced cases of gingivitis, halitosis, and  periodontal disease, as well as many other dental disease conditions.  Our dogs under anesthesia for dental work receive the same careful monitoring as any of our surgical patients. 


If your dog is fortunate enough to live a long life, we want it to be a healthy and pain-free one as well.  To that end, we always try to stay ahead of the curve and monitor your dog's body condition, as well as basic blood chemistries, complete blood counts, and urinalyses on a regular basis.  When dogs are young, an annual physical exam is usually adequate, but once your canine friend moves past middle age, we recommend twice yearly check-ups.  Remember, an annual check-up is deemed adequate for humans, but dogs age much more quickly than we do, so significant changes can occur quite suddenly.