In our effort to offer all the services you might need for your pets, we have a large separate area of the hospital that is dedicated to the boarding of healthy dogs and cats.  The great advantage of boarding your pets in a veterinary facility is, in the unlikely event that one of your pets becomes ill while boarding, she can get immediate medical attention.  All of our kennel assistants are trained to recognize the signs of the most serious medical conditions, and to report even subtle changes in your pet’s behavior to the medical staff.  If Fido suddenly stops eating or has an episode of vomiting, they will immediately alert the medical staff who will make a judgment about the appropriate response.  We will always make every effort to notify an owner of any such medical change and discuss our plans for treatment before we begin.

Our boarding facility is separated into three distinct areas - one for our smallest canine guests, one for the larger dogs made up of runs that measure 4’ x 8,’ and one very quiet room dedicated to our cat boarders, where they have cages designed for climbing or stretching out if they choose.  The cat room also has one tall exercise area where our long term boarders get to spend time exploring, climbing, and enjoying the view of the outdoors.  The dogs are leash walked a minimum of three times per day, and they are always supplied with soft bedding and fresh water.  We have three large outdoor exercise runs that the dogs can rotate through, weather permitting.  We feed twice daily, unless you request a different schedule, and we feed Science Diet.  If your dog or cat requires a special diet, we are happy to ensure that he only gets the food you supply in the appropriate amount.  If your dog or cat is on a reducing diet, we will be sure not to exceed his total recommended caloric intake per day.

Our kennel staff is trained to imagine that every boarding pet is their own and to care for them the way they would want their own pets cared for.  We know your pets would prefer to be home on the couch beside you, but we make every effort to keep them comfortable, relaxed, and happy while they are with us.