The most common reason that pets are relinquished to animal shelters by owners is inappropriate behavior by the pet that has become intolerable in the home.  This is such a sad situation which, in most cases, needn’t happen.  The majority of behavior problems in dogs and cats can be addressed through a combination of the practice of behavior modification techniques and the judicious use of pharmacologic agents. 

The doctors at Fountain City Animal Hospital are dedicated to ensuring both physical and psychological health for your pets.  Many of these problems, such as fear of thunderstorms or fireworks, can be addressed effectively during a brief appointment in the exam room, but sometimes a behavior problem is so complex it takes some serious evaluation of the situation, and we will send home a lengthy questionnaire for your family to thoughtfully fill out and return.  Based on the information gleaned from this questionnaire, we are then able to develop a treatment plan for you and your family pet.